Quasar provides a versatile QDialog component. Checkout the many options in the Quasar documentation.

In the program below, two examples are implemented.

When a Dialog is closed by the user, it generates an input event.

The v-close-popup directive closes the dialog automatically when the associated button is clicked. Use v_close_popup in JustPy commands.

import justpy as jp

alert_dialog_html = """
<div class="q-pa-md q-gutter-sm">
    <q-btn label="Alert" color="primary" name="alert_button" />
    <q-dialog name="alert_dialog" persistent>
          <div class="text-h6">Alert</div>

          Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Rerum repellendus sit voluptate voluptas eveniet porro. Rerum blanditiis perferendis totam, ea at omnis vel numquam exercitationem aut, natus minima, porro labore.

        <q-card-actions align="right">
          <q-btn flat label="OK" color="primary" v-close-popup />

seamless_dialog_html = """
<div class="q-pa-md q-gutter-sm">
    <q-btn label="Open seamless Dialog" color="primary" name="seamless_button" />

    <q-dialog seamless position="bottom" name="seamless_dialog">
      <q-card style="width: 350px">
        <q-linear-progress :value="0.6" color="pink" />

        <q-card-section class="row items-center no-wrap">
            <div class="text-weight-bold">The Walker</div>
            <div class="text-grey">Fitz & The Tantrums</div>

          <q-space />

          <q-btn flat round icon="play_arrow" />
          <q-btn flat round icon="pause" />
          <q-btn flat round icon="close" v-close-popup />

def open_dialog(self, msg):
    self.dialog.value = True

def dialog_test():
    wp = jp.QuasarPage()

    c = jp.parse_html(alert_dialog_html, a=wp)
    c.name_dict["alert_button"].dialog = c.name_dict["alert_dialog"]
    c.name_dict["alert_button"].on('click', open_dialog)

    c = jp.parse_html(seamless_dialog_html, a=wp)
    c.name_dict["seamless_button"].dialog = c.name_dict["seamless_dialog"]
    c.name_dict["seamless_button"].on('click', open_dialog)

    return wp