Adding HTML to Cells

If you want to add an image or specific formatting to a cell in the grid, you can do so by using the html_columns attribute. Assign to this attribute a list of the column numbers that should be formatted using HTML.

In the example below, special formatting and an image are added to the price column.

import justpy as jp

grid_options = {
    'rowHeight': 200,
    'columnDefs': [
      {'headerName': "Make", 'field': "make"},
      {'headerName': "Model", 'field': "model"},
      {'headerName': "Price", 'field': "price"},
    'rowData': [
      {'make': "Toyota", 'model': "Celica", 'price': 4},
      {'make': "Ford", 'model': "Mondeo", 'price': '<div class="m-2 text-red-500 text-5xl">3</div>'},
      {'make': "Porsche", 'model': "Boxter", 'price': '<img src="">'}

def grid_test():
    wp = jp.WebPage()
    grid = jp.AgGrid(a=wp, options=grid_options)
    grid.html_columns = [2]
    return wp