Drag and Drop

In version 0.0.9 initial drag and drop support has been added. This feature should be considered experimental and I welcome input on how to improve it.

In the example below, a image can be dragged and dropped between containers on screen.

JustPy elements now support the 'dragstart', 'dragover', and 'drop' events.

import justpy as jp

def drag_start(self, msg):
    print('in drag start')
    msg.page.image.animation = False
    return True

def drop(self, msg):
    print('in drop')
    wp = msg.page
    wp.image.animation = 'zoomIn'
    if self.index != wp.current_index:
        wp.div_list[wp.current_index].components = []
        wp.current_index = self.index

def drag_test():
    wp = jp.WebPage()
    wp.current_index = 0
    drag_options = {'drag_classes': 'text-white bg-red-500'}
    wp.image = jp.Img(src='https://www.python.org/static/community_logos/python-powered-h-140x182.png', height=100,
                      width=100, classes='border faster',  drag_options=drag_options, animation='zoomIn')
    wp.image.on('dragstart', drag_start)

    d = jp.Div(classes='flex flex-wrap', a=wp)
    wp.div_list = [jp.Div(style='height: 160px; width: 130px', classes='m-4 border-2 flex items-center justify-center', drop=drop, a=d, index=i) for i in range(30)]
    for div in wp.div_list:
    return wp