The justpy Command

The justpy command starts the web sever and the async loop in which the application runs. Unless the justpy command is executed, no web pages will be served. No other command in the file after the justpy command will be executed (unless the start_server option is False) so it should be the last command in the program file.

def justpy(func=None, *, start_server=True, websockets=True, host=HOST, port=PORT, startup=None, **kwargs)

func - Function to run if no route assigned functions are available. This is the default function to run if the URL is not recognized as a designated route. If no function is provided, the framework displays the 'Page not found' message.

All other arguments are keyword arguments.

start_server - If False, the uvicorn server is not started.

Use this if you want to run the uvicorn server from the command line:

uvicorn --host --port 8000 test:app

You need to explicitly specify the host and port (as well as any other uvicorn option you require) since the configuration file values are not used in this case.

If is your main program file where you import justpy then for the above to run you need to add the following line to it after importing justpy:

app = # assuming import justpy as jp

This exposes the starlette app to uvicorn.

websockets - If False, all pages in the application will use Ajax instead of Websockets by default.

host - Set to the configuration file HOST setting by default. If not specified in configuration file, it is `'

port - Set to the configuration file PORT setting by default. If not specified in configuration file, it is 8000

startup - The function to run before starting the web server. The async loop has already been started but the web server will not start until the function terminates.

All other keyword arguments are used to set the template options. You can these also in the configuration file.

template_options = {'tailwind': TAILWIND, 'quasar': QUASAR, 'highcharts': HIGHCHARTS, 'aggrid': AGGRID, 'static_name': STATIC_NAME}

For example, if you don't want Highcharts to be loaded, set the keyword parameter highcharts to False.